On the 27th of May 2017...

… the winds of happiness and precious stories blew over the fields and forests of Emporium Fairytales as magical tales sprung to life. Together with 25.000 other music lovers we had the most amazing experience as we narrated our stories while the warm, warm sun shone down upon us.

We will all live happily ever after!


Check out the official aftermovie on the left!

Kleine Zeemeermin
Peter Pan
Wolf & de 7 geitjes
Hans & Grietje
Belle & Het Feest

The Food & Fun line-up

Emporium Fairytales has much more to offer than only good music and top notch artists. Check out the Food and Fun line-up and lose yourself in a Fairytale atmosphere.. What to think of multiple fairground rides, creative food stands, different cocktail-bars and chill-outs!


Embrace Emporium's



When you enter Emporium, you enter another world. The entertainment teams guarantee a top-notch show in style of the themes with beautiful dancers, terrain acts and theatric shows.

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To top off your festival experience, the show reaches a climax when the sun sets at night. Lasers, pyro, special fx and an amazing light show give you a night to remember!

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  • show8


Every theme is fully incorporated into the design of the festival, from entrance to mainstage. No materials are being re-used, making each year an unique experience!

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But the most important ingredient of the festival experience are YOU, the people of Emporium. An international mix of cultures gather to enjoy a perfect day.

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All you need to know

It seems that it will be perfect festival weather during Emporium Fairytales! Here’s all the info you need to know for the weather during the festival:
– There are plenty of areas with shade. Don’t stay in the sun too long!
– Hydrate yourself! There are extra bars where you can buy water.
– Sun screen is allowed! Only in gel package, no spray cans or spray bottles!
– Deodorant is only allowed in a roller, not in spray cans.
– Swimming is not allowed, due to safety measures.
– Tents are provided with extra fans and airconditiongs, but can still get hot.
Most of all: use you common sense, and look out for eachother! Enjoy the sun and the festival!

The only method of paying at the festival is by tokens. These are available at the token machine spread across the terrain or at the cash desks near the lockers.

Please read this info carefully: Token Machines accept both bills as cards. First select the amount of tokens you wish to purchase, then pay for them in the method you desire. If something goes wrong during the transaction and you didn’t receive your tokens, then DO NOT LEAVE THE MACHINE. If you leave the machine unsupervised, there is no way to restore the error. Always leave someone at the machine to hold the machine. Then look around for someone in a recognizable jacket who can assist you further. If you can’t find anyone, please call the number displayed at the machine. If you contact us after the event about a transaction, we can not guarantee a proper solution.

There are NO ATM MACHINES available at the festival ground, so make sure to bring enough cash money or a bank card. All tokens bought at the festival are only valid during the openings hours of the festival (noon till midnight) and are NOT REFUNDABLE for money. Tokens are not valid at other events of Matrixx Events.

In every area, and across the terrain, there are several bars located. Please enjoy a nice cold beer, a cocktail, a glass of lemonade or simply a bottle of water. Cocktail bars are located at the beach and solely serve cocktails. Please drink responsibly and look after your friends and fellow party people. Drinks are only available for tokens, not for money.

Across the terrain, there are several food courts where you can sit and enjoy high quality food. At the festival, food is only available for tokens, not for money. There is lactose-intolerant, gluten free, vegatarian, kosher and halal food available. Please ask the crew at the food stand for more info.

Spread across the festival terrain, there are 4 toilet areas. These are accessible FREE OF CHARGE, so no worries about that. Each toilet group has a toilet for disabled people; please leave these toilets available to those who need them the most.

Lockers are available at the festival and located near the entrance of the terrain. These are accessible right after the visitation and remain accessible during the entire event. Tip: take a picture of your locker number, so you won’t forget it. There are no longer keys for the lockers, instead you will get a pin code. Protect your pin! When purchasing your locker you can pay by card.

Emporium Festival is easily accessible for disabled people. Across the terrain lies a concrete path. Wooden floors lie in every tent and on every other major route. Only the beach area is purely accessible by sand. Wheelchairs and cruches are allowed entry.

If you need to use medication during the festival, please bring a doctor’s prescript or your medical passport along. Notify the security guard that does your body and bag search that you have medication with you. Then ask for a member of the medical staff. They will decide, based on your information, if your medication is allowed. If necessary, your medication can be stored or cooled at the First Aid post, located near the beach stage. Usage of medication is in general only allowed at that location. In some cases you can keep it with you according to your doctor’s prescription. If the amount of medication you have with you surpasses the doctor’s prescription, it can be taken by the First Aid crew for management.

Selfie sticks are not allowed for your and other people’s safety. Please don’t bring them with you, because they will be confiscated at the entrance. They will NOT be stored for you and will not be returned at the end of the festival.

Cigarettes can be bought on the festival terrain. Smoking is allowed in the open air area’s, not in the tents! This will be made clear with no-smoking signs. Not following these signs can lead to removal of the festival grounds.

E-Cigarettes / Vaporizers are only allowed in combination with a new refill. Used/open fillings are not allowed!

Emporium Festival and the local government of Wijchen conduct an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs! It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on the festival ground. Not following this rule can lead to removal of the festival grounds. You can be handed over to the local authorities.

All official Emporium merchandise will be sold at the Matrixx Store, so keep an eye out on www.matrixxstore.nl.

Found objects are collected at the info stand where you will be able to pick them up. After the festival from Tuesday onwards, found objects are available at municipality Wijchen.